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E & I:
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Services Offered:

  • Project Management and Quality Assurance.
  • Low Voltage Electrical and Instrumentation System Design.
  • PLC and SCADA Application Configuration and Programming.
  • Specification and Procurement of PLC, SCADA, Instrumentation Hardware and Software.
  • Supply of low voltage MCC and PLC control panels.
  • Electrical Drawings and Programming Documentation.
  • Site Supervision and Commissioning.
  • Application and Operator Training.

PLC, SCADA and MES Programming & Configuration:

Once the definition of the process and design of the electrical and instrumentation system is complete, PLC programming and SCADA/MES configuration in accordance with the standards agreed can begin.

The PLC application software starts with the generation of a written functional specification. This document describes the working of the system and contains cross references with the PLC I/O allocation as well as bit and word definition lists. Once the functional specification has been approved by the client, it is used to generate the software code. This code is quality checked in our offices prior to commissioning on site. An integral part of our software development is in house testing and quality test prior to commissioning of the system.

Before detailed configuration of the SCADA/MES takes place, a ‘Thin Slice’ is prepared. The purpose of the Thin Slice is to set the software standard concepts of a drive, valve and sequence control through to the HMI system. The approved concepts then form the basis of the detailed software.


++ Under Construction ++


CONTROL PANELS: [all the images will also be included]

Distribution Boards:
The distribution boards can be constructed with Cubic type-tested busbar systems from 225 amps. Standard inserts for DIN rails make installation easy and simple. Optional electrical components can be installed in various depths. The distribution boards are available for wall mounting or floor mounting. Due to the modular protecting plates, a degree of protection of IP2X can be achieved. By this end-user is ensured safe operation.

Main Switchboards:
With Cubic’s modular system you have the utmost possibilities and versatility when constructing main switchboards incorporating hype-tested busbar systems up to 7000 amps. To obtain the best possible personal safety, the panel can be constructed in FORM 1 to 4. Large and heavy components as well as small DIN rail components can be installed. Cubic’s modular system makes your choice of built-in components completely free. The versatility of Cubic’s modular system regarding height, weight and depth makes it easy to design the panel to the needs of the individual customer, and simultaneously you have the possibility of reconstructing or extending the switchboard. The versatility provides access to both the front and rear side. Cable connections are possible from the top, the bottom or the sides of the switchboards. The modular system is manufactured in iron phosphate and / or electro-galvanized steel plate and is delivered in light grey structured (RAL 7035) as standard.

Cubic’s desks can be built individually or as part of a panel construction, as the desk elements are part of the modular system. The desks can be delivered and fitted completely adjusted to individual needs. As standard the desks are available in depths of two or three modules.

Busbar Systems:
Cubic’s type-tested busbar systems consist of standard units and cover from 225 amps to 7000 amps. The systems is type-tested by KEMA and ATA according to EN 60439-1 with a short-circuit level corresponding to a short time withstand current from 22 kA to 80 kA in 1 sec. And a peak withstands current of max. 176 kA. With Cubic’s specially developed assembly bolt, it is not necessary to drill holes or cut threads. The assembly bolt means adjustable connection, exactly where it is needed on the busbars. All busbar joints are dimensioned as maintenance-free according to DIN 43671. The busbar systems are incorporated in the modular system and are described in detail in the instruction Manual, which make them easy to install in the panel.

With Cubic you can choose segregation from FORM 1 to FORM 4, and by that you are ensured optimum personal safety and operational dependability according to EN 60439-1 and the customer’s wishes. After erection and the first use of the panel, you can make a visual inspection of and thermograph the busbar joints. All the necessary covering are available as standard components in the modular system and require no adjustment.

Cubic’s standard inserts simplify the panel construction and save time. The inserts are available for switches of type Holec, Stromberg, Technoelectric or Bremas, all inclusive standard fishplate connections for the type-tested busbar systems. Complete inserts fir meter section, are also available.
The motor starter inserts are provided with holders for conduits and have coverings with sign/label tracks for marking. The mounting plates are made of 2.5mm steel and are available in different sizes. Threads can be made directly in the plates. Furthermore, mounting bars to increase the stability and for fastening outlet cables are available as well as bearers for very heavy electrical components, such as large overload switches. To make installation easier, all standard inserts are designed for snap fitting.

Your Guarantee:
Our assertions about Cubic’s products do not stand alone. The products from Cubic are all tested and/or type approved by several of the most recognized test laboratories, including KEMA, ASTA, UL, DNV and Germanischer Lloyds. KEMA and UL take current spot test from Cubic’s production of the modular system.
In addition, the quality system with Cubic-Module system A/S has been certified according to ISO 9001. The quality systems is currently checked by the Danish Standards Association.


Recently Completed Projects

Description End User Value
Manufacture & Supply PLC Panels Nestlé Babelegi R270 000
Manufacture, Supply & Installation of MCC / PLC Panels Pioneer Hi Bred Rosslyn R200 000
Manufacture & Supply MCC / PLC Panels Nestlé Babelegi R200 000
Manufacture, Supply & Installation of MCC / PLC Panels - Log Sorting System E Transvaal R200 000
Manufacture & Supply PLC Panels for Wheel Casting Furnaces Tiger Wheels Babelegi R204 678
Manufacture & Supply PLC Panels for Centac Compressors JCI Plat. Mines Rustenburg R160 005
Manufacture, Supply & Installation of 14 PLC Panels for Sewerage Works Erwatt Olifantsfontein R280 199
Manufacture, Supply & Installation of MCC / PLC Panels for H2 Plant EscomMajuba P.Station R171 000
Manufacture, Supply & Installation of MCC / PLC Panels for Flour Mill Conveyors SaskoBon-Accord R156 400
Manufacture, Supply & Installation of MCC / PLC Panels for Wheat & Syrup Plant Tiger Oats Industria R360 000
Manufacture, Supply & Installation of MCC / PLC Panels for Sunflower Oil Plant Sentraal Wes Viljoenskroon R275 000
Manufacture, Supply & Installation of MCC / PLC Panels for Peanut Sorting Plant S.W. Korp. Makwassie R176 000
Manufacture, Supply & Installation of MCC / PLC Panels for Water Treatment Plant Iscor Vereeniging R250 000
Manufacture, Supply & Installation of MCC / PLC Panels for Conveyor System Spar Warehouse Elandsfontein R175 490
Manufacture, Supply & Installation of MCC / PLC Panels for Conveyor System Carlton Paper Springs R136 050
Manufacture, Supply & Installation of MCC Panels for Conveyor System Consol Glass Olifantsfontein R220 000
Supply, Install & Commission of SCADA System (Fibre Optics) Witbank Colliery Witbank R150 000
Manufacture & Installation of PLC Panel for New Dunswart Steel Factory + SCADA Dunswart Boksburg R380 000
Manufacture, Supply & Installation of MCC / PLC Panels for GYPSUM Factory GYPSUM Boksburg R230 000
Manufacture, Supply, Install & Commission MCC / PLC - Underground Valve Systems Northam Plats R470 000
Manufacture, Supply, Install & Commission - Automated Irrigation System Saldanha Steel R350 000




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